School Bus

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At What Grade Do You Stop Helping with Homework?

M.C. asks from Detroit

I know when kids are in the early elementary years, parents help out just to teach the child about the responsibility of doing homework and the homework is easy, so no...


For Fun: What Do You Do After Your Kids Go to School?

K.B. asks from Louisville

My oldest child recently started kindergarten. Although I still have a 3 year old and infant at home, the house feels so different! When I stopped working a 45+ hour...


Walking to School and Back from School.

B.B. asks from Omaha

My son is ten years old and I let him walk to school because his friends lives a few blocks away. I'm having a lot of fear about it on this day and age. He walks with ...


After School Bully

S.S. asks from Houston

My nine daughter is have a problem with a after school bully.On the walk home this other little girl and her sidekicks have a need hit and kick her. I have talked to t...


Babysittter for After School

A.L. asks from Dallas

Can anyone give me some advice on where/how to start my search for a sitter to pick my child up from school and care for him until I get home from work? Currently, ...


Bullys in School

J.P. asks from Wheeling

last year my now 8 year old daughter and 7 year old son had some problems with bullys at their school....nothing that would physically harm them, but more emotionally....


Elementary School Rules

T.R. asks from Richmond

I'm the mother of a 5 & 3 year-old. Both just started at the elementary school here. Oldest in Kindergarten & my youngest is in Head Start. They do not ride the bus...


Middle School

B.S. asks from Odessa

My daughter has been attending a private school for 8 days now. I think we made a mistake and should put her back in public school but my husband wants to give it tim...


What's Your School Morning Routine?

M.S. asks from Chicago

Last year we had afternoon kindergarden and have gotten a little used to hanging out in the mornings. This year will be a huge change for us. One child on the bus at...


Recess at School

M.. asks from Appleton

So yesterday the feel like temp was around 32, actual temp was 43 or so. It was windy with a light rain. I assumed that my children had indoor recess, so we made plans...