School Bus: Simplicity

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Help with After School Discipline

A.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I have 5 children 3 of which are in full day school. They are 6,8,9. For the past three weeks or so they have not been coming directly home from school. I have sat do...


Mom Has Gone on Strike!!!

L.M. asks from San Antonio

Hello everyone, I have a question about whether or not I am doing the right thing. I have 3 kids. 17yo,14yo,and 10yo and a husband who works full time. I guess t...


In Laws Aren't ALL Bad, Are They?

N.C. asks from Rockford

Hi with all the holiday hoopla, I have seen a lot of posts about MIL's and in laws in general, not being cooperative, causing problems, being controlling...e...


Kindergarden Disipline Help

K.R. asks from Sherman

my kindergardener is showing much more defiance at school than she shows at home. Pre K went fine, but i have received numerous calls from the teacher and now today, ...


Personal Problems, Make Friends and Feeling Better??

D.R. asks from San Francisco

I have been having a lot of emotional issues in the last few weeks, I love me 7mth old daughter and her dad but lately I feel I have nothing else in the world but the...


Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

J.B. asks from San Antonio

I am invited to a baby shower for a woman who's first child goes to school and after-school care with my own children. Her first son is six and she is pregnant again...


Wondering What "A Day in the Life" of Other Families Is Like.......

S.J. asks from Houston

I'm a 35 yr old SAHM, married to my husband for 10 years, with a daughter in 3rd grade and a son in Kindergarten. I would just LOVE to hear how others describe their...


Things That Give You pause...smiles..tears...

C.O. asks from Washington DC

One of my friends on facebook succumbed to cancer yesterday. However, during his fight - he NEVER whined about how he was feeling. In fact, he posted once recently: ...


Venting, Stressed & Just Want to Be a Good Mother.

J.F. asks from San Francisco

This is probably more of a vent than a question, or perhaps I'm simply looking for someone to say, "It's ok." The last 5 years of my life have been a bit drama filled...


Bikinis? Is Women's Lib Moving Backwards?

T.S. asks from San Francisco

I must say I am shocked by today's bikini questions and the responses received. Most along the lines of it's demeaning, it's sending the wrong message, etc. How is ...