School Bus: Luv

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Problem with a Neighbor

C.D. asks from Augusta

OK, here is what happened this morning. We were waiting for the school bus this morning and my oldest son was playing with a neighbor kid in his yard (It also happen...


Safety Harness Question

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I'm sure this has been thoroughly covered elsewhere, but I was interested in the opinions of those moms who are opposed to using a safety harness. How is that differ...


What Is Your FAVORITE Memory of Your Mother?

L.U. asks from Seattle

I was reading through some answers about how our mother's were when we were children and started chuckling to myself about my favorite memory of my mom. I remember h...


My 5 Y/o Son Is Mad Saying We Lied to Him! HELP!

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 y/o son had his Dr. appt. last week for his final shots required for Kindergarten. He knew we were going to get his shots. I always tell him ahead of time. He...


International Flights with an Infant

M.W. asks from Cincinnati

I'm considering an international trip over the next year so my baby and her father can see his side of the family - we would go to India and/or Hong Kong. Has anyone...


Just Turned 13 in January

S.U. asks from Houston

My daughter just turned 13 in January and has decided she does,nt have to do anything she is told. Anyone ever dealt with this if so how did you fix it?


Biological Dad Question

M.B. asks from Houston

Alright Moms, I'm stuck and I'm not real sure what the right thing to do is.....My daughter is 10. Her bio dad and I split up when she was only about a month old. He ...