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How Often Do You Email Your Child's Teacher?

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Title pretty much says it all. School has only been in session for less than a month in our area but I have found that I have emailed the teacher quiet a few times (c...


What a Teacher Told My Son

K.B. asks from St. Louis

My son informed me that another teacher (NOT HIS TEACHER) told my son that he disgust her. today they were having fear factor day which means fun day, my son and his ...


Advice on My Kid's Teacher

A.R. asks from St. Louis

Hello Dear Moms! I wrote short time ago about my moving to STL..and I got wonderful messages from you guys! Thanks again!!!Now..I am here with my family. I like the ...


Arrogant teacher.....sorry for Being So Lengthy

C.T. asks from Detroit

I am curious to know if anyone has ever had to deal with a situation such as this.... my 17 year old son has had some issues in one of his classes. His instructor is...


My Son's Teacher Is Ignoring Me!

M.G. asks from Modesto

Throughout the year I have asked my sons teacher if I can help in her class, and she has repeatedly told me that I am not needed, or my son is not that big of a probl...


Teacher Questions My Daughter's Truthfulness

D.H. asks from Los Angeles

This week my fourth grade daughter's pencil broke and she was not allowed to sharpen it until "community time". She had Scholar Dollars to spend on a new pencil. She ...


Having a Problem with My Sons Teacher.

M.M. asks from Youngstown

My Five year old son has had some problems at school. The teacher sent home a letter saying that his behavior is unacceptable. She says that he don't listen, he can't...


Any Other Teacher Moms Out There--please Hlep!!

J.R. asks from Kansas City

I am a second grade teacher who is excited(yet a bit sad I must admit) to have my son entering kindergarten in a different school district where I am. I have been re...


What to Give a Retiring Kindergarten Teacher?

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there, My daughter is in Kindergarten with a great teacher and I am the classroom parent. All year, it's been pulling teeth to get parents to contribute towards t...


Kindergarten Teacher Is Pregnant...

T.M. asks from Tampa

I posted a while back about all of the days that my son's kindergarten teacher has been missing. I went to a parent-teacher conference today and come to find out she...