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Still Trying to Potty Train 3Yr. PLEASE HELP

S.P. asks from Seattle

My daughter will be 3 in July. My husband and I have been potty training her for almost a year now. Nothing we do seems to work and we are both soo discouraged that w...


My Three and a Half Year Old Son Refuses to Potty Train

M.S. asks from Sheboygan

My youngest son has been "in training" for over 6 months now. We've watched the videos, I've read the books, I've motivated with pennies, the idea of preschool, and t...


Potty Training

W.B. asks from Lake Charles

My 14 month old is acting like he is ready to potty train but can not yet communicate when he needs to go what should I do?


Potty Training

K.L. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is 20 months old and I am trying to potty train her she shows great interest in going. It’s only now I am trying to train her at first I would let her g...


Potty Training

T.B. asks from Austin

I have two daughters, ages 8 & 3. My 8 year old was easy to potty train. Now, my 3 year old is a different story. She will be 3 in June & has no interest in getting p...


3 -Year-old Won't Potty-train

J.O. asks from Detroit

Back in winter, other moms smiled and said OF COURSE my son would be potty-trained by summer. Now it's nearly summer and I feel bad getting money back for his presch...


Potty Training

C.T. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 26 month old boy. He is showing signs of being potty trained. If asked, he'll go potty. Sometimes we let him run around naked in our yard and he knows when ...


Potty Training

J.J. asks from Little Rock

My daughter is 15 months old and I'm not sure when to start trying to potty train. How do you start? I bought a little potty, but when do you know she has to potty, s...


Potty Training

M.B. asks from Dayton

I'm trying to potty train my 2 yr old son, but he freaks out when I put him on the potty (the big one or the little one). He loves to flush the potty, wash his hands...


Potty Training

R.P. asks from Boston

I have a 3 yr old that has been potty trained for awhile (at least 6+ months). But...she only goes on the potty when she wants to! After countless changes...I am fi...