Saving Money

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Money Saving Ideas

K.D. asks from Dallas

Good afternoon all! I would like to know what you have saved money on? Share your money saving tactics with me! Two things I have saved money recently by buying...


Best Money Saving Tips

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What are the best ways you save money? I have tried coupon clipping, but either the coupons are for foods we don't eat, or I forget the coupons at home when going to...


Seeking Frugal Tips

A.P. asks from St. Louis

I have read Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace and researched a lot of the mainstream frugal sites such as tightwad and I shop Aldi and resale shops. I ...


Need Money Saving Tips

S.H. asks from Dallas

My last day at my main job is this Friday. I quit so that I could focus on finishing school. This has cut my income substantially so I needed to know if anyone has ti...


Saving Money for College

Y.W. asks from Orlando

We are finally ready to start saving money for college for my 18 month old, but there is so much information out there and it's so confusing. I've gone through severa...


Best Money Saving Tips

A.J. asks from Eau Claire

After the post about laundry detergent yesterday, it got me thinking. What else do you all make at home to save $$ on? To be honest, making my own detergent had ju...


How to save Money

M.P. asks from San Francisco

I am trying to put a mini class together about "how to save money" at a church function. As a Japanese, I supposed to be good at it, but I am better at spending than ...


Money & Marriage

H.V. asks from Cleveland

How is Money handled in your marriage? Do you agree with the statement "I make the money, I make the rules" I'm just curious as to what goes on with money in other ...


What Are Your Best Frugal Mom Websites?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I'm making a New Year's Resolution to SAVE MONEY. I need to buy less. Save more on what I do buy. And need your Mama experience to help me get off to a great sta...


Ideas on Saving Money

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Looking for suggestions on little ways to save money. We go out to eat maybe 1-2x/week, cheap places, don't have cable, only one car payment, pretty cheap dayc...