Saving Money

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Saving money-I Need Tips!

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! My 3.5 year old and 14 mth old sons have been going to daycare at my mom's house (she runs an in-home daycare) since they were about 4 months old.My 3.5 yr ol...


Your Frugal Ideas?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Since we've had to scale way back, I've found ways to save money. Like I no longer can buy expensive sunglasses & am always misplacing them now anyway. So I got a ...


Frugal Tips for Walt Disney World

M.E. asks from Tampa

Hello. We live about 1 to 2 hours from Walt Disney World. We are meeting up with friends from NJ tomorrow at Disney Hollywood Studios. Do you have any frugal tip...


Frugal Christmas

M.S. asks from Chicago

Wondering what people are doing this year to save on gift spending. Do you have special stores or gifts that are awesome deals and you'd like to share? I have 13 ni...


Need Advice About Saving Money

D.M. asks from St. Louis

I recently got married this Summer to my best friend, we chose NOT to live together until we were married. Neither one of us really prepared for the financial struggl...


Money Saving Tips

S.K. asks from Dallas

I am a SAHM and money is a little tight. I was wondering what you do to spend wisely. For example, I know someone who shops at Ross and Marshalls for things to deco...


Saving Money

E.H. asks from Dallas

What are some ways to save money on elecric and water? I know the basics....not leaving water running and unplugging things when not in use. But what are other ways t...


Saving Money for Your Child

L.J. asks from Little Rock

I am wanted to but money in a saving account for my child to recieve when he is 18. I heard about all these diffrent types of saving accounts. Does anyone know which ...


Tops on Saving Money

V.C. asks from Colorado Springs

In this rough economic time, I am just asking other moms to send me some of your money saving advice. What do you do to save money. Any advice would be helpful!! Th...


Saving Money

R.J. asks from Dallas

What ways have you all come up with to save money? We are really starting to feel the pinch with the cost of everything on the rise. I was just wondering what are o...