Saving Money: Sam's Club

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Costco or Sam's Club?

I have only ever been around Costco, but now have a choice with Sam's Club, But which do we go with? Do you use a warehouse club? If so which one do you prefer and why. They are both about the same difference in travel so that is not apart of the decision process for us. I guess it is more about what each one has to offer. I already called and neither one has a day pass to offer. We can go in and look around but not shop.


Sam's Club Formula

I have an 11 week old formula fed baby.(I was not able to breastfed as I...


Sam's Club Diapers

Hey mamas, So my hubby and I are contemplating a Sam's membership. We went...


Seeking Frugal Tips

I have read Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace and researched a lot of the...


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What Would YOU Have Done Question - Incident with Shopper at Sam's Club

I was at Sam's Club the other day. I'm standing in line with my teen daughter at the checkout lane waiting to unload my cart and there is a lady (probably in her late 20's or early 30's). She is nicely dressed in career type clothing, hair looks like she just stepped out of a salon, she has on nicely applied makeup, nice shoes/purse/wallet, etc. She is standing behind me holding two large boxes of cupcakes. She is chatting with the customer behind her. I hear her say 'oh, that's okay.. I'll stay here' come to find out that one of the...


Cutting Grocery Bill

Hi ladies - I need some advice on how to save money at the grocery store!!!...

Keeping to a Budget

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Sam's Club Formula and Diapers

My mother in law and sister in law have a membership to sam's club and want to buy diapers from ther but i prefer Luvs and they said they do not sell them there they sell huggies, pampers and sam's brand. I do not like huggies adn was wondering about the sam's brand. Also formula i like the target brand has anyone had issues or concerns with the sam's brand of powdered formula.