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1St Birthday Party, Small or Big?

K.V. asks from Phoenix

I need some opinions since I'm divided between make a big party for my baby's 1st birthday or make just something small and simple. I do want something BIG with tons...


What Ways Have You Found to Be Thrifty and Have Fun

B.C. asks from Joplin

So part of me has been a little sad that this summer has taken such a beating on our budget. We had a move to contend with shortly before school ended. We moved to a ...


How to Deal - Dont Get Me Wrong I Love Him to Death.

T.M. asks from Atlanta

This Is a very complicated situation. I'm 21, married, 8 months pregnant, and still living with my Dad. I have a 2 year old daughter and stay at home all day everyday...


Should I Donate My Son's Clothes or Keep Them for Brother

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hey Moms, This probably sounds silly, but I want to know what other moms do. My storage room is very limited in space. My two sons are 4 years apart. My oldest ...


NEED Monkey Ideas for 4Yo Bday

F.C. asks from Tampa

Hey there I really need some great ideas for my little girl's 4th Bday Party. Monday is her Bday but we are doing the party on the 15th so I have a bit of time to pla...


8 Year Old Girl Party- Coming up Fast

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

Im having a hard time thinking of what to do for a party AND I only have one week to plan this. I dont have a large budget ($200 for entire birthday party and her pre...


Need Suggestions, Bit of a Rant

B.C. asks from Joplin

ok, so I have not been working at my new job long, and going into I was warned it would be crazy for a while. I am working as a preschool teacher and the room I have ...


Inexpensive Outings

J.T. asks from Chicago

Hi girls, the kids are so bored being stuck in the house. Does anymone have any suggestions on where we could take them that's not too expensive. Or if there was some...


What Did You Get for Your Baby's First Birthday?

A.H. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find out what people got their kids for their first birthday. I have a daughter that is 2.5 and my son will be one on Saturday, but I'm having a hard t...


How Much $ to Spend on a Classmates Birthday Party Gift?

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is in kindergarten and has been invited to 3 parties in one month. It's very nice and my daughter is super excited but it's starting to break the bank. An...