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BOB Revolution Stroller

I am in the market for a BOB Revolution stroller and have two questions. 1. I have a 2 year old and I am training to walk a half marathon in October. I've been finding rougher terrain that my Jeep stroller doesn't seem to be handling (sliding to the side on turns and sliding down when going up hills with lose gravel/dirt) and I'm wondering if the BOB Revolution will handle this terrain better. 2. We are planning to have a second child and I am planning to continue walking a lot, training for more half marathons and finding new trails...

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Looking for Double Jogging / Jogger Stroller - 1St Choice Revolution Bob Duallie

Hello All, I was wondering if anyone knows anyone looking to get rid of a double jogging stroller.. I keep looking on craiglist and can't find what I am looking for.. I need a double, I would like the seats to recline independently, a canopy and a front swivel wheel. The Revolution Bob Duallie seems to be a good fit but can't find a used double.. we have the single and love it..