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Antibioitics or Not??

M.K. asks from Dallas

I posted a question about my little one (17 months) being sick on Friday......we it got worse Friday night and he ran a 101.4 fever all night....we did tylenol. He ke...


Lithy Tree Dosage for 6 Month Old with Cough

M.N. asks from Columbus

I really hope someone here can help me! I have seen post after post on different web sites (including on here) about how great lithy tree works for cough in infants ...


How to Break up Phlegm in 4 Year-old

H.L. asks from Washington DC

Ok, so last time I posted I asked for help with my mosquito magnet 4 yo. Someone suggested menthol ointment on certain parts of body. I continue to spray my son with ...


3.5 Month .do I Have to Feed Her Rice Cereal and She Is Having Troubles with Gas

M.M. asks from Jamestown

My 3.5 month old girl began life with colic which lasted about 3 months. The last three weeks have been bliss not having to deal with the intense screaming. She is ...


7 Month Old Resists Sleep Schedule and Her Habits Are Getting Worse!

T.K. asks from Boise

Hi there! I've never written in a request before but after last night, I don't know what to do! At 3 months, my daughter was sleeping through the night for 11 hours...


How to Treat Bronchitis with Viral-Induced Asthmatic or Asthmatic

H.L. asks from Washington DC

Hey there, fellow parents! My 3.5 year-old son has viral-induced asthma - only exhibits asthma symptoms when he gets a cold/upper-respiratory infection/virus. H...


Sick 2 Month Old

J.K. asks from Kalamazoo

Weve already been to the doctor, so we know theres no infections, just a virus/cold. My little one has a fever and hes so fussy, poor baby. Per the doctor hes getti...


Stuffy Nose

C.S. asks from Wichita Falls

My twins have had a stuffy nose for a few days now. They are 3 months old. I suction them every feed (every 4 hours) and it never seems to help. I called the pedi and...


2 Month Old Stuff Nose

K.M. asks from San Francisco

My two month old has a stuffy nose. She hates the suction thing. I have a humidifier but I also run the heater at night because it's cold so I think that stuffs it up...


Electronic Nasal Aspirators-Has Anyone Used Them?

S.A. asks from Seattle

My 22 month old freaks out when I try to use our bulb nasal aspirator. Today, he started screaming and crying as soon as he saw it in my hand. Has anyone used the ele...