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Advice on 12 Year-old Shaving Hairy Thighs....

My 12 year old daughter has been shaving her legs now for probably over a year. She has very "hairy" legs, although not "black" hair, she is lucky in that respect. The hair is very blonde, but very thick. I have held her over this long just having her shave the bottom of her legs and not her thighs. She has asked and pleaded to do the top as well and I have just kept giving her excuses why she shouldn't (trying to hold her off doing it as long as I could). I told her that once she starts the upper half, the time it takes to shave doubles,...


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How to Keep Toddler from Destroying Christmas Tree Aka Childproofing

I can't believe it myself, but Christmas is just around the corner and I've been thinking about this for quite a while. We will be putting up our Christmas tree soon, and my son who is 13 months old, loves to get into everything. I wanted to find out if anyone has suggestions/ideas on how to keep him from destroying the ornaments, decorations, presents, and the tree itself. I've thought of putting a gate around the tree, but those types of gates are quite expensive. Are there any other ideas out there? Just wondering.

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How Can I Get My 14 Year Old to Enjoy School?

I have a 14 year old son who has dislike school since second grade. It has been a constant struggle to get him up in the morning and to motivate him to take pride in his school work. He is very bright, but puts the minimum amount of effort into his work. I have stressed the importance of education, I have tried bribes, rewards and everything else I can think of to motivate him..nothing works. I would welcome your suggestions.


13 Year Old - HELP!

Hi there - My 8th grader is on the verge of not getting promoted. His grades...