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Beauty Products Made with Natural Ingredients

I don`t understand why it is better to use beauty products that are mostly or all-natural (in other words, why have some ingredients like mineral oil or petroleum have been taken out?). Why is it better to have/use natural ingredients in things like lip balms or body lotions? If anyone can tell me any website(s) to help me out with understanding this, I`d greatly appreciate it.


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To Childproof or Not?

I recently asked a question about my 18 month old and behavior and it was recommended to me by a few moms that I do more childproofing. It got me to much do others moms childproof? I have a sister that childproofs EVERYTHING and one that doesn't at all or very little. I'm somewhere in the middle. so mamas... how much do you childproof your home? at what age do you start to trust your little one's a start removing the childproofing? this is for fun...I am very comfortable with the amount of childproofing I already...


Childproof Cat Door

We are in the midst of childproofing and are trying to figure out what to do...

Safety & Baby Gates

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Safety Gate for Narrow Doorway

Hi. Does anyone know of a safety gate for a narrow doorway? Our bathroom doorway is 24" and I can't find a good gate that narrow. Thanks for the help!!!!! -A.


Backyard Gate Safety

I thought I'd ask, since I've always received such great help, support and...