Rosacea: Toddler

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M.B. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if any moms can give some advice on different medicines and alternative medical/herbal treatments for rosacea. I would like to get some different view...



J.B. asks from Chicago

hi! Anyone have any info on rosacea? I am 6 months pregnant and have been diagnosed with it. I have a coouple options on medications that can be used during pregna...



J.O. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone have a cure for Rosacea? The older I get, the more difficult it is to manage. I'm unable to take antibiotics and don't like their effects on my body. I...



K.S. asks from New York

Anyone else have this nastiness? After I had my son, my face broke out and never cleared up. Red around the nose, oily deep blemishes next to my nose and mouth... t...


Good Moisturizer for Rosacea?

A.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, Does anyone know of any good moisturizers for people with rosacea? My husband has rosacea and doesn't like to use prescription face products and did reall...


Anyone Have Rosacea - the RED CHECKS

M.J. asks from Chicago

Hi All Moms, I was wondering if anyone has Rosacea - I have a mild case but - I would like to get it under control......I'm afraid it will get worse as I get older...


Rosacea Flare-ups

N.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have had moderate rosacea for over two years and have been on several medications to keep it under control. There are two things that trigger flare-ups for me: stre...


Rosacea Skin Problems

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have had a problem with rosacea for over three years. It got pretty bad when I was pregnant with my first son and recently again when I got pregnant with my second ...


14 Month Old with Excema and Psoriasis

K.H. asks from Portland

Hi, my almost 14 month old son has been having major skin issues since about April when I slowly started to wean him. It started out as excema behind the knees which...


20 Month Old with Karatosis Pilaris

B.H. asks from San Francisco

My son has Karatosis Pilaris on his arms and face. The doctors have said there is nothing that can be done except moisturize moisturize moisturize. I wondering if a...