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Taxes - YUCK !!

D.G. asks from Dallas

I have a couple of questions about taxes this year and I am wondering if anyone has any answers. Please keep in mind my hubby is self employed. 1) How long do I need...


Once Again, you-Recent HailWind Damage

B.B. asks from Dallas

Hello, friends!!! Did any of you in the Grand Prairie, Tx area get any damage to your homes or cars in the recent storm we had on 6/13/12? We had hail at our house th...


Keeping Crowes/Ravens of My ROOF!!!

M.F. asks from Detroit

Hello, I have been having a problem with these huge black birds on my roof. I do not know if they are crowes or ravens or someting else. They look like crowes but ...


Anyone Else Surprised by How Much Owning a Home Costs?

J.T. asks from New York

I guess this is more of a vent but is anyone else just shocked how much owning a home costs? Everyone wants to buy but renting seems easier and cheaper. There seems...



M.P. asks from Albuquerque

We recently found out that we need to replace our roof. We originally got out a loan on our car to pay off our debt and to use the remaining money towards the roof. H...


Seeking Advice for Roof and Ceiling Repair

A.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms...I noticed some stains on our son's wall and on the ceiling of his bathroom. I think they must be coming from a leak in the roof, so I was wondering if anyo...



T.T. asks from Phoenix

We are looking to remodel our 3rd car garage into livable space- I found a few contractors listed on Mamasource, and contacted them. Does any one else know of a depe...


My Husband Doesn't "Get It"

A.M. asks from Seattle

I want to first of all say that I LOVE my husband of 3 1/2 years with all my heart. He is my best friend and a wonderful husband and father. BUT: He just doesn't ge...


Siding (Vinyl Replacement) for the House in Mt. Prospect

B. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for a recommendation for a Vinyl Siding Replacement business in the Mount Prospect area.


Black Mold.

R.B. asks from La Crosse

We knew we had some in the bathroom where the roof is leaking. A few weeks ago when it got cold out the kitchen pipes froze and we had to thaw them. When I opened th...