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Home Buyer's Remorse

J.K. asks from Cleveland

Hi ladies, I think I have some buyer's remorse. We moved about 5 months ago to a bigger home in a nicer neighborhood. We left the city to have access to better scho...


Home Inspection Question

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi, We've put in an offer on a house. We're definitely getting a home inspection done....but the house does have a new roof and new windows. So I'm wondering, besi...


House Appraisal (To Sell Our House)

M.G. asks from Las Vegas

Moms, Does anyone know what is considered when pricing a house for appraisal? For example, I realize cosmetic things like upgrading to granite is not considered ...


Critter in the Attic

K.B. asks from Boston

In 11 years, I never had a problem with pests in my attic. I had the roof done this fall and two days later I noticed a noisy guest in the attic, I'm guessing a squi...


Looking for Home Improvement Repair Company While Staying on a Budget

L.C. asks from St. Louis

Hello moms, I'm looking to have some work on on my home. Dry walling, adding rooms to the basement, new roof, bathroom, painting, Ect. I'm looking for good dependable...


An Apology for My Mamapedia Community

F.W. asks from Danville

My 'requisite' question - How are you all doing this fine monday since daylight saving time? That said...I apologize. I have not been in much lately, and I lost m...


Any Success with Rug Doctors?

M.P. asks from Kansas City

hi - our carpet is pretty filthy and i was considering renting a rug doctor steam cleaner to try and clean it a little. Does anyone know how well they work - does it ...


First World Problems

L.A. asks from Austin

So this morning, I was so disappointed in myself. I had planned on getting up early to surprise my husband by taking him to breakfast at this new little place here i...


We Put in an Offer on a House and After Having the Inspection I Want Out.

K.V. asks from Columbus

We have been looking for a house since the begining of the year. This is the fourth house we have put in an offer on. We were outbid on the other three. We had the in...


Spinoff of Aging Inlaws Question

J.K. asks from Kalamazoo

My inlaws are not in very good health. My MIL esoecially, she is extremely overweight, and has diabetes, among other things. Neither one has a job and they are livi...