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Roofer Needed Immediately in Far E Ft Worth / W Arlington

M.G. asks from Dallas

Help! With all the rain we now have a ceiling leak, and most likely will need roof repair. I'd like to know about a reputable company, who'd be available right away (...


Need Someone Reliable

L.H. asks from Dallas

Hey everyone, I need a new roof. If any of you have someone you could refer me to I would really appreciate it. I just want someone honest and won't take advantage ...


Credit Repair

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

We are trying to refinance our house and when I pull my credit scores I am above 620 (Which is the requirement) but when my mortgage lady pulled it she got 605. I am ...


Real Estate

S.A. asks from Dallas

Hello you very smart Moms I have a question. We are wanting to move in about 18 to 24 months, so we are looking to update our house so I have some questions on what i...


Speaking of Roofs

A.G. asks from Dallas

We have a farmhouse that we love, and we're thinking of getting a metal roof. We have hail damage and need a new roof anyway, so insurance will pay some of the cost....


Needing Work on Outside of the House...

K.T. asks from Boston

We are looking to get a new roof, siding and gutters and a few other small jobs. Can anyone suggest a company in the North Shore area that does good work and is reli...


Flat Roof

H.H. asks from Philadelphia

Part of my house has a flat roof (over a sunroom). Apparently the roof is shot even though it's only about 10 years. I have had 2 different contractors recommend diff...



J.S. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a trustworthy, fairly priced roofer to repair/replace my roof in the Fort Worth area. Also, any ideas on how much I might expect to spend? The hous...


How Much Work Should We Do on Our House If We Sell in a Year?

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

It's to the point when things need to be done at our house. The bathroom needs an update, the backyard needs hardscape and a new roof. We're not sure to what end to t...


Looking for References for Some Contracting Work

S.W. asks from Houston

Hello ladies. My husband and I have recently purchased a home in The Woodlands and need some repair work done. Does anyone have any glowing recommendations for a ge...