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Roofing Company

K.A. asks from Dallas

Our roof is over 10 years old and we are up for renewal on insurance and would like to get an estimate on the roof. We live in Carrollton, Denton County. Thank you ...


Is This Illegal Regarding Insurance?

C.G. asks from Dallas

We need a new roof. Our insurance company agrees and has already given us a $6,000+ check. We are supposed to pay the roofer and our deductible and then the insurance...


Roofing Repair Needed

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! Thank you for all of your great feedback on my previous inquiries! I have a new one: we need someone to come out and look at our roof that is leaking. I h...


Excellent Roofer Needed in Shoreview

S. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! We need to replace our roof and I would love to get a referral from anyone who has been happy with the results. Thank you!


I Had Some Roof Damage in the Storm Last Night.

A.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good roofing company that is honest in the Plano area.


Need Architect & Roofer for Dormer Addition (Nw Chicago)

O.N. asks from Chicago

We are in Jefferson Pk , need a good (reasonable priced) architect for dormer on one side of attic (2 small rooms) nothing fancy just basic for getting planning permi...


Seeking Contractor for New Roof & Expansion

S.R. asks from Detroit

This is new to my husband and I. We need advise on questions to ask a contractor and some referrals. Our roof is leaking and we want to expand the upstairs rooms at t...


Should I Call the Insurance Agent or Roofing Company First for Repair?

K. asks from Dallas

My roof is rather old, and with all of the rain, wind, etc it is getting pretty battered. We had a guy look at it about a year ago, and he said "Call me when it hails...


Recycle Roofing??

K.B. asks from Portland

hey Mamas!! I have a question. We just replaced our roof over the weekend. We had 2 layers that we took off (on our own...I'm so sore!) I was wondering if any of you...


Looking for a Good Roofer in the St Charles Area,anyone Recomend a Good Company?

A.G. asks from St. Louis

my roof needs some work...maintenace repair...need someone to help me work w/my insurance. New to this and don't know any roofers.