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Best Baby Shoes? Wide Feet Issue

D.S. asks from Dallas

I have started looking for soft-sided/squishy baby shoes for my one year old. He is just started walking. I mostly need something to protect his feet from sharp obj...


Winter Boots for 1 Year Old?

B.T. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, This will be my first winter with a baby in the Midwest. I have a little girl who is 11 months old and already walking. She will turn 1 at the end of the ...


8 Month Old Always Curls Her Toes Under Her Feet

J.S. asks from Boston

hello ladies. I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter who is crawling and starting to try to pull up no things. We've noticed that she curls her toes under her feet m...


Help ! I Need to Sale My Store Inventory - But

T.P. asks from Tampa

I dont want to do just ebay ! Is there any other links or websites you may know of where i can sale my items and NOT Have to Pay a arm & a Leg. Somewhere where i can ...


Good Shoes for 15 Month Old

M.V. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any recommendations for good walking shoes to get my 15 month old twins that have just started walking? I have Robeez that i used for indoors when th...


Pricing for Mom-to-Mom Sales

J.G. asks from Detroit

I'm going to be selling some items in a mom-to-mom sale next month. I've only been to a few, and I have no idea how to price my items. Are there any frequent mom-to...


Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old

S.D. asks from Milwaukee

So far for Christmas I bought my daughter the bounce & spin zebra, the little people barn that makes sounds and has the touch and feel animals and a music set w/ a dr...


Fat Baby Feet :)

S.B. asks from Dallas

We are having a very difficult time finding shoes(size 4) that can fit my 16month old daughter's feet. Her feet a wider width than most shoes and then to make it eve...


Rainboot Question

J.O. asks from Cincinnati

So I am having a huge issue finding "INFANT" SIZE 3 Rainboot (WITH HARD BOTTOMS). My SOn is now 1 and has been walking since he was about 10.5 months old. He's a li...


Seeking Advice on Best Shoes for New Walker

H.H. asks from Sacramento

My fifteen month old son started walking about a month ago and I'm looking to purchase some new shoes for him. He is still a little stiff and wobbly while walking an...