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Any Other Options You Have Tried for a Toddler's Very Severe Asthma?

A.K. asks from Norfolk

I am writing this in hopes to have any and all suggestions and personal experiences sent my way! My little guy who is now 3 years old has been battling asthma/allerg...


Toddler - Cold Virus & Swollen Glands?

A.R. asks from Cheyenne

My 2 1/2 y.o. son has been sick with a cold (upper respiratory tract infection) for about a week. It is that kind of cold virus that lingers, everyone in our househol...


Anyone Have Kids with Enlarged Adenoids?

M. asks from Wichita

My 3 year old daughter caught a pretty bad virus in January. Last year she had frequent colds and respiratory infections. Well, she got over the virus, but ever since...


Night Terrors/sleepwalking

B.Y. asks from Providence

Hi moms, Last night my husband & I got quite a scare. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Our 16 month old has an upper respiratory infection...


Not Seriously Ill, but Chronically Ill (A Rant)

T.S. asks from Boston

My 5 year old son just had his 24th visit to the pediatrician this year. In October he was diagnosed with a possible chronic illness called CRMO. The great news is ...



V.S. asks from Lima

Ok so I have 3 kids (4, almost 2 and 6 months). The 2 youngest go to the babysitters while the oldest goes to daycare 2 days per week. Altogether, they are at the sit...


When Did Your Child Stop Getting Sick So Often?

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

I just responded to another post which I will copy and paste to help explain.... "My son is going through the same thing. Last October [when he first started dayca...


Effect of Sugar on Children with Asthma

I.M. asks from Houston

Is there anyone with information about the effects of sugar on children especially in the acute phase of asthma. I have read that it affects the immune system, too. ...


Looking for Scientific Data on Natural Cleaning vs Chemical

A.M. asks from Austin

I try to avoid toxic chemicals in my home and clean mostly with vinegar and hot water, castille soap and borax (not related to boric acid at all, it's a naturally der...


2 Year Old Diarrhea

E.B. asks from Duluth

My daughter turned 2 over Christmas. She is still breastfed, and most of her milk has come from cereal or soups. She loves cheese, eats bagels with cream cheese, and ...