Respiratory: Preschooler

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Upper Respiratory Infection

G.L. asks from Honolulu

I have a 7 month old daughter and a 3 year old daughter that are both sick. I'm more concerned about my baby because she can't take medicine like my 3 year old can. ...


Help with Pneumonia

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, my son will be 4 in October and this is his 4th time getting pneumonia since March 2006. We get antibiotics and we're usually back to healhy in a few days. ...


3 Month Old with Rsv- Bronchilitis

M.R. asks from Philadelphia

Hi There, We just got back from AI DuPont hospital and my little baby boy- 3 months old has RSV- a respiratory virus- like bonchitus in us. We stayed over night and t...


3 Yr Old with Pneumonia

T.C. asks from New York

Hi Mamas, We are now going on day 5 of my son having this yucky respiratory virus/ turned pneumonia. He started antibiotics on Wednesday, and his pediatrician also ...


4 Year Old with Allergies and Asthma

C.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi,my 4 year old has had the worst time this year with her asthma...she has been on alll the over the counter stuff and most of the persription too. nothing seems to ...


Can a 4 Year Old Be "Depressed"??

M.S. asks from San Antonio

Okay...I am going to toss this out there and see what responses I get back. My 4 year old son is a bit of a perfectionist...this is to be expected, I am and so is...


Mom Looking for Advice Regarding Asthma or Bronchialitis

B.H. asks from Detroit

I've been wondering if my 3 year old son could have asthma. in August he was sick and he was coughing really bad and wheezing. I took him to emergency and was told t...


Advice on Allergies and Asthma in 4 Year Old

D.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will be 4 in July and we have had two trips to the ER since January due to coughing fits and once by ambulance because she stopped breathing (found out sh...


My 5 Week Old Was Just Diagnosed W/ Pneumonia and a Touch of RSV-I Need Advice

J.W. asks from St. Louis

My 5 week old and 2 year old have had a bad cough, runny nose, sneezing for about 10 days now. My 5 week old was just dx with pneumonia, although the radiologist tha...


My 4 Year Old Is sick...any Ideas?

K.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter who is 4 came down with a really bad sickness on Monday of this week. She was fine all day and then she went to take a nap and when I went to wake her wa...