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Supervising Instant Messaging of 12 Year Old Girl

My 12 year old daughter has been on IM for for a few months. Before this, she was on email, which I told her I was supervising (reading periodically). There were several times when I stepped in about crude language and even sexual content "Sleep with him." So I suspended email for awhile. Now the coast has been clear for awhile, and she is on email and IM. This time, I am finding the language is worse. I can see this because her IM is linked to my email, and when I am on, her messages pop up. I told her this, and that I was trying to block...


14 Year Old Teenager

I would like to now if what age do you take your 14 year old daughter to the...

Find an OBGYN

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OB-GYN Referral for 14 Year Old

Hi Moms I have a 14 year old daughter who has been having over the top painful periods. Besides being miserable, she is missing several days of school each month. This month the pain has moved around to her back. I think it's time for a visit to an OB-GYN. I don't want this experience to be traumatic for her so I am looking for a gentle, compassionate doctor who will take the time to explain the exam procedures to her. I live in SW Austin but I am willing to travel to outlying areas for a good doctor that will meet her needs.


14 Year Old Teenager

I would like to now if what age do you take your 14 year old daughter to the...


Need an OB!

I just moved to the Frisco/The Colony/Plano area and am 8 weeks pregnant- I...


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12 Year Old Has Lump in Breast Area

my 12 year old son has a lump in his breast.... i just noticed it this weekend he said he noticed it a week ago and he said it dosent hurt but it itches and it only hurts when its squeezed. Has anyone heard of this before? should I have it checked right away?


Lump in Breast

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago...

Trying to Conceive

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Trying for a Boy

Ok, I know there's no proven way to pick a boy or girl when trying to get pregnant. My husband and I are going to try soon for our 4th child. We always wanted at least 4 so it's not that we keep trying for a boy. Anyway, we have 3 girls now and will be happy either way if the next one is a boy or a girl. However, it would be nice to have at least one boy. So I'm wondering if anyone out there has any "methods" or nutritional advice on maybe bettering your chances of having a boy? Thanks!