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Ob Gyn in Elk Grove Village - Personal Women's Health Care

T.C. asks from Chicago

Hi, Has anyone been to the Personal Women's Health Care in Elk Grove Village? Would you recommend it? If yes, which doctor in that practise would you recommend? ...


23 Month Old Who Does Not Talk.........

T.H. asks from Terre Haute

I have a 23 month old and she is the youngest of 3 girls. Maybe I am just trying to compare her to the other two girls (which I know I should not do). She is not talk...


My 18 Month Old Son Is Small - Worried for Him - Please Help!

M.F. asks from Boise

Hi Mamas, My sweet little boy is just about to be 18 months old, and weighs 20.5- 21 pounds, and is 76 cm (30 inches) long. For months, I've been worried that he ...


16 Month Old Isn't Speaking

M.C. asks from New York

Hi, I was just wondering if my 16 month old should be saying more. The only word he says that he actually knows what he's saying is mama. He says dada sometimes but...


Underweight 13 Month Old, I Did Have IUGR During Pregnancy.

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

I have a beautiful 13 month old baby girl. The only concern that I have is that she is very small in size for her age. She's only 13 and a half pounds. Height wise ...


Needing Help with My 17 Month Who Is Only 19 Lbs and 25 Inches

S.M. asks from Dallas

Any information on babies and toddlers who have healthy birth weight like almost 8lbs and are 17 months old and still under 20 lbs and only 25 or so inches long. I d...


21 Month Son Has Dry Patches/small Bumps on Skin

K.S. asks from Charlotte

My son was born with tiny bumps on the back of his arms (like mommy). Now, his back is so dry and after bath, the skin on his back turns very red. I use johnson & joh...


My 16 Month Old Daughter Is Not Even Close to Being Ready to Quit Breastfeeding!

J.H. asks from Minneapolis

I guess I am only seeking experiences others have had on this topic. I nursed my first child until she was about 13 months, she quit gradually on her own. Now my 16 m...


PLEASE Help!! 14 Month Baby and I Need to Sleep Through the Night!!

C.N. asks from Los Angeles

Hola dear parents! this is my first time writing on here. I need help especially from those of you who went through something similar. At this moment I'm in the b...


Breastfeeding Strike of a 14 1/2 Month Toddler

K.J. asks from Detroit

Hello. This is the first time I have asked a question on Mamasource. I have a little girl, 14 1/2 months old. We have had a wonderful nursing relationship. I have ...