Reproductive: Myself

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Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several year...

Find a Midwife

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Can anyone recommend a good midwife for holistic women's heath care?...



i need a good caring midwife that deals more on the natural side of things than ...


Seeking a Midwife

My Husband and I are expecting our second child in late October/ early November....


Looking for a Midwife

Hi Ladies. I am looking for a new midwife. I used Jennifer Carney CNM with m...


Midwife Advice

Hi all, just wondering if you could give me some advice on Midwives in the Omaha...

Find an OBGYN

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Seeking a OB Gyn

Hi! I am new to Fresno and I am looking for any referals to an ob gyn. Please help!...


Female OB GYN?

I am new to the area. I live in Westminster and was wondering if anyone could su...


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Lump in Breast Sent for a Mammogram

I have a lump in my breast that I noticed about 2 mo ago. Today I had a doctors appt for a physical and he did a breast exam. He said oh yeah I feel th...


Lump in Breast

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago my br...

Pap Smear

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Abnormal Pap Smear

Has anyone had an abnormal Pap smear? I have a recheck on Monday and I'm scared to death. Any words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks!...


Abnormal Pap Smear

I was just wondering if anyone has had an abnormal pap smear that just corrects ...


Pap Smear

Hello Ladies, I was recently told by my ob/gyn's nurse that my pap showed som...

Trying to Conceive

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Trying to Conceive

I am just curious if anyone here had an IUD and then took it out and tried to co...


Trying to Conceive

Okay ladies, I have been trying to conceive for a few months now with NO luck....


Trying to Conceive

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 boys 15 and 8 years old and we are trying to have...