Reproductive: Infant

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Infant Mortality Rate

OK. For those of you who watch the news. The numbers are in. The US's infant mortality rate is skyrocketing. We're ranked 41st in the developed world for delivering babies safely down from 20 something several years ago. I personally know several of the millions of women like myself without health care insurance who skimped on prenatal care to save money. Surely this lack of prenatal care on a grand national scale impacts the statistic a bit among other factors contributing to failed...

Find a Doula

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Experience with Doula

Hi I am hiring a doula for my upcoming labor in a couple of weeks. What should I expect? Anyone had any experiences with a doula?


Anyone Have a Doula?

anyone have a doula? how was your experience? if you didn't have a doula,...


Looking for a Doula

Does anyone know of a Doula in the Plano area they could recommend? Thank you!


Becoming a Doula

I am interested in pursuing a certification in becoming a Doula and have...

Find a Midwife

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Looking for Midwife

I am looking for a midwife in Ft Worth. I had my son in chicago with a midwife and had a great experience. We moved her this past september and I am in need of a new OB/midwife. Anyone have any experiences good and bad to share?


Seeking a Midwife

My Husband and I are expecting our second child in late October/ early...

Find an OBGYN

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Seeking OB GYN in Allen

Hi! I am new to the area and need to find a good OB GYN near Allen. Could anyone recommend one?


Seeking an OB GYN

I am looking for an OB GYN. I live in the Beaverton area, but would consider...


OB GYN In Evanston

I am looking for a new OB GYN. I would prefer someone in or near Evanston...


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24 Yrs Old and Having a Mamogram

Hey mamasource women. I'm a 24 yr old women with three wonderful children. I just went to the doctors office to have an ultrasound done on one of my breast because my G.Y.N had felt a mass in it. So i was sent to have an ultrasound done. Well The results wasnt so great, kind of made me feel so many mix emotions. well i was told that 4 things were detected so they have to send me for a mamogram which is unlikely for a women my age and depending on what the mamogram detects I would have to have a biopsy done which I am scared of well i'm...


Lump in Breast

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago...

Trying to Conceive

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How long does it take to conceive a second child?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since April. We have a beautiful 18 1/2 month old little girl. I am starting to get a little down because it is taking so long to get pregnant this time. It only took us four months to get pregnant the first time, which we lost that baby, and only two months to get pregnant with my daughter. Its been nine months since we started trying. Did it take anyone else this long to get pregnant after there first child? Do you think it is time to talk with my docter?