Repairing Credit

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Looking for Advice on Credit, Mortgages, Real Estate

B.K. asks from Detroit

Hi Mamas!! We've decided it's time to buy a house. We are for sure going to stay in MI so we are ready to commit to purchasing a house. We do have a few issues t...


Has Anyone Used Careone Credit Counseling???

L.G. asks from Phoenix

I am thinking about getting help to get myself out of debt. I have tried getting the creditors to lower interest rates but that hasnt helped much. I am in the proc...


Possible to Buy a Home with 2 Judgements on Credit??

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

Are there any options out there other than paying them off first? It would take so long plus one of them is only half mine, i don't want to pay the other person's hal...


Seeking "Sound" Advice on How to Recoup from Major Credit Mistakes

S.D. asks from Houston

Long story short..Former SAHM recently returned to workforce, but not before my husband and I ran into some really hard financial set backs. Our credit has been grea...


Tax Time/question About Child Tax Credit?

K.I. asks from Spokane

Hello ladies! Its tax time and I have a question to any of you out there who are divorced and each parent claims one child on their taxes...we had our taxes done l...


Bad Luck

M.P. asks from Memphis

Has any mom experiance bad luck like I do? It seems like whenever you are trying to strecth your last dime till the next payday, something unexpected always happen, e...


Buying House W/ Challenged Credit W/ Tax Incentive

M.D. asks from Dallas

We are interested in buying a house this year, in part to take advantage of the tax incentive, but also because its time, we need to expand, but our credit isnt the g...


Buying a House W/ Not-so-good Credit

S.H. asks from Huntsville

My husband & I are really tired of renting & would love to be able to buy a house. My credit isn't horrible, it's just limited/new. My husband has some debts, but i...


Can I Withdraw My Eleventh Grader from Dual Credit Classes Is She Doesn't Agree?

A.T. asks from Odessa

She is in eleventh grade and enrolled in two dual credit courses that she takes at her high school.. She has a 61 in English and 71 in Biology which is unacceptable....


Turning Around Poor Work Habits in Kids (Working Moms in Particular)

J.B. asks from Boston

ETA: sorry this turned into a novella! Has anyone successfully turned around poor work habits in their children? All three of my sons (17, 11 & 9) are off to yet a...