Repairing Credit

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What Is the Best Way to Repair Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

S.M. asks from Chico

I filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago...and have yet to even TRY to think about doing anything on credit since. However, my husband and I want to buy a house, therefore...


Needing Advice on Credit Repair

T.C. asks from Oklahoma City

well I'm experiencing some bad decisions I've made in the past,...I want to correct some bad credit. I've been wanting to refinance my current mortgage,..and well my ...


Repair Credit to Get a New Car

L.D. asks from Detroit

Hi Mom's, I had really good credit until 2006. I purchased a new mini van and it turned out to be a lemon. I had to spend so much on repairs, I stop paying the car...


Bad Credit Help!

L.S. asks from Jackson

My husband left me with a horrible credit score. and debts unpaid sitting on my report. how as a low income single mother do i fix this? help!


Bad Credit No Credit Who Can Really HELP???

A.G. asks from Sarasota

Does anyone know what company is good at fixing your credit? I know that most of the signs on the side of the road are a scam and I know that most that are online and...


Credit Repair? Good or Waste of Time?

M.C. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are wanting to buy a house. We have a few months of paying off bills until we could afford it, and we had some time to really clean up our credit. ...


I'm Getting Married to a Man with BAD Credit

C.E. asks from Jackson

I love my fiancee' very much and cannot wait to marry him. Quik question though. His credit is not swell and he owes out a fair amount of money. That we cannot afford...


How to Dispute Inaccurate Credit Reports

H.B. asks from Dallas

For the first time ever my husband and I actually looked at our credit reports. We were just looking for one particular item but, found several things that are incor...


Credit Card Debt

J.L. asks from Chicago

anyone have any experience with credit card consolidation? Are credit card debt is starting to be too much, and we can't use a equity loan to help may down are debt. ...


Free Credit Report

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

Does anyone know how to get a free credit report on yourself, without signing up for other programs that cost money??