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Seeing Advice on Handling Bad Behavior from Spoiled Niece

M.M. asks from Boca Raton

The children in my family have a very strong sense of entitlement and have an excess of toys, clothing, and neverending adult attention. On an ongoing and general bas...


I Have Made Soooooo Many Mistakes as a Parent, Now I Have to Fix It

M.. asks from Youngstown

Moms, I have a 3 year old. I try to be a good parent, kind yet firm, loving and fun. We are easygoing but we do punish for bad behavior. My daughter for the most p...


Crying Baby

M.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi! My 8 months old son cries whenever I do something else then play with him. It is exhausting, I have no time for anthing I need to do. When I need to cook or clean...


Breastfeeding Baby with Milk Protein Intolerance

S.H. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is 7 weeks old and was diagnosed with intolerance to milk protein. Anyway, her pediatrician said to give up nursing her for a couple days and put her on f...


In a Bad Situation

L.W. asks from Dallas

I need some good advice! I currently live with my husband, three boys and my parents. We had twins last year and that is why we moved in with them to save money and...


Baby Blues

R.D. asks from Odessa

I recently had a baby 2 weeks ago second child. I cannot stop crying has anyone experienced this before and of so what did ya do to get over it.


Breech Baby

S.J. asks from Minneapolis

Hi All, I am in my 35 weeks of pregnancy and recently learned thru ultrasound that my baby is in breech position. My doctor suggested to do a version where she will a...


Baby Shower for 4Th Baby??

D.V. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone. My question is rather simple. I am expecting my 4th baby in 7 weeks. My mom threw me a baby shower for each of my babies...the first, cause he was my f...


Need Financial Help BAD!

D.L. asks from Dallas

my husband i are having SERIOUS financial issues. we don't argue about them b/c we do everything we can to keep it to a minimum. well, about a month and a half ago ...


I Feel like He Doesn’t Care About the Baby like I Do. Anyone Else Feel This Wa

B.R. asks from Honolulu

I know my fiancé loves my baby, he cares for him well, for the most part. Today I walked in my room after I brushed my teeth and I saw that he fell asleep and the ba...