Repairing Credit: Adult Child

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Kicking Out the Renter. Playing Bad Guy.

J.T. asks from Washington DC

So we are retiring and returning home from a place we absolutely have hated the past year. I am glad to be done with being a landlord, because it's sucked. Our renter...


18 Year Old Getting Too Much?

S.H. asks from Syracuse

I have an 18 year old who is currently going to college and working part time. He will be paying his college tuition via a student loan. My husband and I pay our sons...


Do You Think Divorce Parents Should Talk Bad About Eachother in Front of Kids?

C.G. asks from Atlanta

my sister and law divorvced about eight years ago.she has three kids 16 .15 and 13 year old.she is always telling them he didnt pay child suport when it comes direct ...


Relationship Problems with My Adult Daughter

V.S. asks from Sacramento

My 25 year old daughter seems to have gone through a change in the last year. We have always gotten along well and been very close. She does have a history of big te...


Adult Child and His Family Living with Us........ and It Is Not Working!

S.M. asks from Lawton

I am hoping to get some good constructive criticism without nasty opinions........ Our situation started with good intentions. My husband and his son (from previo...


My 18 Year Old Daughter

U.A. asks from Los Angeles

My 18 year old daughter is a University student and has a internet boyfriend in Germany. The are chatting everyday.She has not seen her but I know her mother. Oneda...


Don't Know What to Do About Soon to Be 18 Year Old Son

K.R. asks from Washington DC

My son will turn 18 in November and I really don't know if I want him to stay in my house anymore. He decided he did not want to go to college but is working about 30...


Advice with Adult Child Taking Care of Parent

B.P. asks from Dallas

I would like to know what you would like or want from your mom if she needed your help, and you moved in with her to take care of her? The situation is my dh is in...


~~Understanding College Classes and Courses?~~~

K.J. asks from New Orleans

I need some help of understanding this. Today I went to my local community college and took the compass test. It's been 7 years since I graduated highschool. They hav...


Do You Ask/expect Financial Support from Your Parents?

D.M. asks from Clarksville

I would like to know if you ask your parents for money when you really don't have any other option. The reason for my asking is that I had a big fight with my mother ...