Religious Milestones: Teen

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Seeking a Bar Mitzvah Mom for Advice...

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

My 10-year old son and I just returned from a Bar Mitzvah. We were invited from a family in Sunday School class. There are 15 kids in the class, all ages from 5-13...


Appropriate Bar Mitzvah Gift

B.C. asks from New York

I'm going to a close friend's son's Bar Mitzvah. When I asked her earlier in the year what the gifts tend to be, she said that people just give money for the amount t...


What Dress to Buy for a Bat Mitzvah?

K.J. asks from New York

Hello again, I decided to buy a dress for this celebration but I am not sure what is appropriate. May I wear this dress if I use it with a shrug for the ceremony, a...


Bat Mitzvah Gift?

I.K. asks from Chicago

What do you give for a Bat Mitzvah? It's the daughter of a close colleague of my husband.


16 Year Old Son Ran Away 2 Weeks Ago

J.J. asks from New York

I found this site through a lonely move on my part, last week I put into a Google search box, "my 16 year old son ran away" and one of the threads here at mamapedia c...


Seeking Ideas for a Confirmation Gift

K.L. asks from Chicago

I've been asked to be a 'sponsor' for confirmation and I'm looking for a unique gift. She already has the typical religion jewelry and rosary items from her first tw...


Communion Gift? What to Get?

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Our niece's First Communion is next week. Is it customary to give a gift for this event? I grew up Catholic, so I went through First Communion and I remember getting ...


Greek Orthodox Baptism

R.T. asks from Rochester

Hello Everyone, I have some questions about my son's upcoming baptism. My husbands family is Greek Orthodox and that is what we are choosing for our sons baptism....


Gift for Catholic Confirmation

S.B. asks from Detroit

Hi All, I am the confirmation sponsor for my Godson, who is 14 years old and in 9th grade. I am looking for gift ideas, aside from money. I gave him a nice gold cro...


Bar Mitzvah Gifts?

C.D. asks from Boston

My 13-year-old is at the age where she is being invited to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and I am wondering what an appropriate gift is. I understand money is appreciated, but h...