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Stomach Flu Help

L.B. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter who is a year old has had the stomach flu since Friday, nothing on Saturday and started again on Sunday and then I got called from daycare today because s...


Stomach Flu - Child Won't Eat!

A.H. asks from Kansas City

My 17 mo old has the stomach flu that has been going around. He's drinking milk and some water but won't eat a thing. This is our second day now. He ate a handful of ...


BRAT Diet and the Stomach Flu

M.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi, this is my first time writing in and I'm completely desperate. My son is 3.5 years old and has had the stomach flu for 5 days now! He doesn't have a fever and has...


Info on Rotovirus Vaccine?

A.W. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi, I recently read an article that stated that a small percentage of children given the Rotovirus vaccine died of bowel problems. The one article was enough to c...


13 Month Old Stomach Flu Question

C.H. asks from Dallas

Poor baby got the stomach flu last week for the 1st time and gave it to us. She was doing good with liquids and slowly moved to solids. She hadn't puked for 2 days ...


Stomach Flu - 3 Yr Old

L.L. asks from Dallas

My son has stomach flu. He threw-up on saturday night several times and we went to ER. He was fine and was eating bland foods for two days. Now everyday (last 3 d...


1 Year Old Keeps Getting Stomach Flu

A.B. asks from Minneapolis

My one year old has had the stomach flu on and off for the last couple of months it keeps going around daycare. My question is if anyone has any advice for a vomitin...


Seeking Safe Foods for a 1 Year Old After the Stomach Flu

D.B. asks from Denver

Hoping you can all help! My one year old son started with the stomach flu on Friday night. It was in full force all day Saturday and Sunday. By Monday he seemed to...


3 y.o. With Stomach Flu

L.G. asks from Denver

Hi there, My 3 y.o. son has been very sick with what appears to be stomach flu since yesterday afternoon, therefore almost 24 hours. He's been vomiting ever since an...


Son Won't Eat or Drink 6 Days After Stomach Flu

C.K. asks from Cincinnati

My 17 month old son had the stomach flu 6 days ago and still will hardly eat or drink anything. When we do offer him food and drinks he starts crying. He is eating a ...