Rehydration: Older Child

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My 7 Year Old Son Can't Control His Bladder at Night

M.H. asks from Charlotte

Hi Mamas, My son just turned 7 last week, and he is still in pull-ups at night. He wakes up in the morning completely soaked - his pull-up, his sheets, and his bo...


Nervous Stomach

K.G. asks from Charlotte

My daughter will be 9 in a few weeks and is in the 4th grade. I have always taken her to school, but she is riding the bus to school this year. She has about 1 hr ...


Daughter Constantly Complains of Stomach Ache

H.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi moms, My 3 1/2 year old daughter constantly complains of a stomach ache. I have passed it off as her way of telling me she is hungry or tired or wants attention...


Why Is My Daughter Keep Getting Stomach Pains Been Going on 5 Weeks Now

L.L. asks from Birmingham

my 8 year old daughter is crying all the time with stomach pains it started off in the school holidays she was vomiting had a bug but ever since shes been getting sto...


7 Month Old with Severe Diarrhea

J.L. asks from Dallas

My husband and I caught a the stomach flu and had passed it on to our 7 month old son. We have gone to the Doctor and she felt that because he had no temperature an...


Should I Take Him to Urgent Care?

M.P. asks from Raleigh

My6 yo son has been vomiting since Sunday night. I had some leftover antinausea medication leftover from the last virus, and it just doesn't seem to work very well. ...


6 Year Old - Blood Test Results

N.W. asks from Youngstown

My son recently had a blood test which showed, among other things, a BUN/Creatinine ratio of 41.3 (range is 6-22). This is almost exactly consistent with past results...


Question While on Antibiotics for My 7 Year Old (Possible TMI for Some)

C.M. asks from Washington DC

Hi. So, some of you remember last week I posted about my daughter having a fever of 103. It went up to 104.4, called the dr. and they said to wait it out over night w...


8 Year Old Has Head Aches All the Time

L.T. asks from Colorado Springs

My 8 yr old son says every single day that he doesn't feel good. When I ask him what feels bad he says with his head feels "weird" or his head hurts . He even goes go...


6 Year Old Has Pain on Right Side

J.M. asks from Reno

I am worried about appendicitis but my husband had it when he was a kid and said the pain was more in the front of his belly, my son says it hurts like under the bott...