Rehydration: Older Child

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Roto Virus Advice

M.M. asks from Mansfield

Hi we just found out my daughter has roto virus an i know nothing about it. i was wondering if anyone has any advice on dealing with it.Is there a medication i could...


Stomach Flu Stress

H.B. asks from San Francisco

My 4-year-old started a really bad stomach flu in our home. It was a weird one. She had bad tummy aches during the day and would throw up all night long for 4 nights ...


Stomach Flu - Child Won't Eat!

A.H. asks from Kansas City

My 17 mo old has the stomach flu that has been going around. He's drinking milk and some water but won't eat a thing. This is our second day now. He ate a handful of ...


Seeking Moms Who's Children Have Had the Stomach Flu for More than 3 Days......

S.L. asks from Los Angeles

My son is extremely sick and they just keep telling me it's the flu and I am losing my mind. Every time he seems out of the woods, he reverts back to excessive vomit...


Stomach Flu UGH!!!!!!

D.M. asks from Joplin

who all has dealt with this,this year ?my 7 year old son has it. anything you do to help with the symptoms? tia ladies.


7 Year-old with Digestive problems....could It Be Celiac or Chron's?

S.L. asks from Provo

I am the parent of 3. My oldest, a 7-year-old girl, has had gastrointestinal problems for about 3 years. Lots of pain varying in severity, and hard for her to descr...


8 Year Old Boy with Recurring Headaches

P.R. asks from Portland

I have an 8 year old boy who complains of headaches nearly every day. I usually give him a liquid pain killer which seems to do the trick. My first thought on chasing...


Dehydrated 9 Year Old Son...

A.G. asks from Chicago

My son was not feeling well yesterday, headache, eyes hurt, just feeling weak all over and felt like he was going to vomit but never did. He took a shower and went to...


7 Year Old with Migraines

A.D. asks from Cincinnati

My 7 year old was recently diagnosed with migraines. She has all the classic signs of migraines(the same as I have....light sensitivity, intense pain, seeing spots)....


My 7-Year Old's Stomach Pain

D.W. asks from Tampa

My 7 year old daughter has constant stomach pain for the past month. I've taken her to the pediatrician to whom I'm explained... She has decreased appetite, after sh...