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Seventh Generation Diapers and Other Brands

M.P. asks from Chicago

I have a new baby and he has incredibly sensitive skin. I've always used Pampers with my daughter and never had any problems but he seems to need something a little ...


Help! I Am Latex Allergic and Will Be Having a Baby in June.

J.D. asks from Dallas

I need to find out what baby nipples and diapers are latex-free. I keep looking so that I can register for them. I have no idea if my baby will be latex sensitive, bu...


Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


Seeking Green Mom's Advice (Plastics, Toys, Cleaning Supplies, Ect)

T.B. asks from San Francisco

I have embraced helping the world and my child with becoming more "green" and trying to be aware of what I am putting or emitting into our world. We have always trie...


Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin?

L.N. asks from Detroit

Hello all. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Last night my daughter over-used her diaper and the gel was coming out of the diaper this morning whe...


Need Help Regarding Kid Toiletries.

N.B. asks from San Juan

Hello mom's. I need help choosing a good soap, shampoo, oil and body lotion for my 3 and half year old daughter. Till now i was using Jhonson and Jhonsons baby pr...


What to Get for a "Green" Mom to Be?

B.V. asks from Detroit

I am throwing a baby shower for a friend who has recently become very "green" and natural. She lives on a farm in Colorado, but is coming back to Michigan for the sh...


First Time Mom-to-be Needing Advice on Diapers

F.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm pregnent with my first and trying to make all the right choises for my baby boy. My husband has a 10yr old and at first was very adiment on using clothe diapers. ...


What to Do with a Very Dry Skin Two Months Old?

M.A. asks from San Francisco

Hello! My baby is two month old, and after his first month his skin got VERY VERY VERY dry. Everyone told me that newborns change their skin; however, how long is hi...


bumGenius And Other Cloth Diaper Options

L.B. asks from Dayton

I am interested in CDing my first baby, due in August. I have been thinking about the bumGenius one-size diapers but am not sure how many I will need for a typical da...