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First Time Mom- Baby Shower- What to Ask For.

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Hello moms ! I am 5 months pregnant, and have no family here. I have had the same job for 4 years, and my supervisor at work is dead set on throwing me a baby shower....


I'm Trying to Register for My Baby Shower and I Don't Know What I Need...

R.R. asks from San Francisco

There are so many "must-have" baby things out there that I have no idea what is really helpful vs. what is not as important. If you could respond with baby products ...


Taking a 10Mo to a Concert - Advice/Tips/Opinions

M.L. asks from New York

DH got me tickets for a Colplay concert in late October, and while it would be relatively easy for someone to babysit my son (he'll be 5 in Nov), my DD is another sto...


Unplanned Pregnancy, with Little One Already in the House!

J.V. asks from Sioux Falls

Help! My husband and I married later in life and had our daughter a year ago on Christmas. I just found out that I am pregnant again, and it was very unplanned. Ou...


Taking Away the Pacifier, Bottle Etc.

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

Ok, I have 4 problems I need help with….pacifier, bottles, crib and diapers. My eldest in 2 ½ years old and has to have a bottle like her baby sister. She wears bi...


Which Bottles Are Best???

W.D. asks from Charlotte

I am 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and I am trying to figure out what kind of bottles to get. Everyone that I know has thrown in their two cents about my plans n...


Tips on Weanig 12 Month Old off of the Bottle

C.W. asks from Austin

I am seeking any tips you pros might have for switching from bottle to cup. She has been using a sippy cup for her water and juice, but when I put milk in her sippy ...


Saying" Bye-bye Bottle!"

J.M. asks from Austin

My daughter will be 1 soon and i am ready to go straight sippy cups. What experiences has anyone had with going cold turkey day one of being 1. Do i need to wean her?...


When Should I Take My 2 Year Old off of the Bottle??

C.B. asks from Las Vegas

when shound i take my 2 year old off of the bottel im just kinda of worried because he does not drink out if a cup yet are a sippy cup so im scared that if i take awa...


When Should I Start Using a Sippy Cup?

S.M. asks from Milwaukee

When should drinking from a cup be introduced? Do I start with small amounts of water? (My twins are breastfed and eat cereal and a few fruits and veggies right now.)