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Toys for 21 Month Old Boy

A.C. asks from Detroit

I have no idea what to get my VERY active 21 month old boy for Christmas. He already has balls, cars/trucks, an indoor climber/slide and tent, and a kitchen (his sist...


1St Birthday Gift

S.A. asks from Lansing

Hello everyone! One of my good friends has a little boy who is turning 1 next month. I wanted to get him a unique and special birthday gift but haven't found anythi...


Need Recommendations for Best Toy Organization System!

L.W. asks from Detroit

I am going to go out and buy something to organize the piles of toys we have accumulated in our house over the last 4 years - after a good "purge" of course. The Chr...


First Birthday Party Ideas?

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

We just went to a first birthday party, and although it's a few months away, it gave me complete birthday party fever and I'm starting to pull a few ideas together fo...


Christmas Songs

K.D. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, I am trying to teach my kids some Christmas Carols. They are learning "Jingle Bells" but I would like to teach them a song about christmas or is religi...


Shopping with Kids?

M.S. asks from Bloomington

how do you deal with "mommy can we buy this?" in the store? what are some things you do to keep your toddlers happy when you are shopping? one thing we've done ...


Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

J. asks from Chicago

I am not super "Green", but am trying to do my part. I have decided that as my current cleaning products run out I will be replacing them with more earth (and people)...


How to save on Grocery Bill

R.N. asks from Cincinnati

Can anyone give me some advice on how to save on our monthly grocery bill? I have a hard time keeping it under $500-600 a month and that's just for a family of three...


Ideas to Occupy Children While on a Road Trip

D.V. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello to all you wonderful mothers out there! I am in need of some advice. We have a family vacation that is coming up in a few weeks where my husband and I and our t...


What Is a Reasonable Monthly Food Budget?

L.D. asks from Detroit

I am completely obsessed with lowering my grocery bill and wonder how others are doing it. We had a surprise expenditure in March that shocked me into reality abo...