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Advice on Bottle Types

C.S. asks from Kalamazoo

My son is due in June and I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding him, however I do want to pump and have him take a bottle as well so I don't have to worry about ...


How Many Outfits Does Your Child Have??

L.O. asks from Detroit

It seems like my kids have a lot of clothes.. and with as fast as they grow through sizes.. Some things barely get worn before they have outgrown them.. So I am takin...


I Need Tips for Living Is Small Living Quarters - Family of 5

S.S. asks from Detroit

Since my husbands 35% pay cut, we have to move to a smaller home. The home we are in is 1100 sq ft and we are going to a 900sq ft home. I am so stressed about how to ...


Looking Forward to Summer Break - Heak No!

M.H. asks from Lansing

I was at a party yesterday and the subject came up. Everyone was shocked that I said no, I wasn't looking forward to it. Yes, I'm looking forward to summer days on th...


Where Can I Get Stuff Personalized?

A. asks from Chicago

I am looking to get some towels personalized (embroidered with my kids names on them). I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get this done. Thank you, A..


Need Some Advice Badly

N.H. asks from Dayton

Today i just found out that my husband lost his job and i am not sure what to do know? You see i am 4 months pregnant and we have a two year little boy and i am stay ...


Help Budgeting

S.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms- My husband and I just got the horrible news that he will be losing his job within the next 60 days. Although he has time to look for another job before thi...


Birthday Party Help!

D.W. asks from Chicago

This weekend I am throwing my 2 yr old son a birthday party. There will only be a handful of kids there (between 3-6 others), but I am struggling with how to entertai...


Seeking Shelter to Donate Items To

M.H. asks from Detroit

Hi there I am looking to find a women's shelter that I can donate some womens clothes and kids toys to. My son just had a birthday and I realised just how many toys ...


Unique Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

H.T. asks from Indianapolis

Any unique gift ideas for a 2 year old? My bestfriends little girl is turning two and I need ideas. She is like my own child so I would almost spend as much on her as...