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What to Buy Her for Christmas

J.K. asks from Chicago

Well my daughter was born on Christmas day and so she gets loaded with presents. She is just turning 3 this Christmas. Problem is as someone mentioned earlier she has...


So with Black Friday Looming... What Are the "IN" Gifts This Year?

J.C. asks from New York

My daughter is 5.5 and I haven't seen much that is in the "must buy" category. Any thoughts? We have a bike. I am not getting anything electronic (DS, pads, ...


Birthday Day Gifts for a Not So Ordinary 3 Yr Old

J.S. asks from Dayton

Hi Moms out there. I really need your help right now. My daughter will be turning 3 next month and I have no idea what to get her. She is not your ordinary child. I h...


6 Mo Old and a Xmas Tree

A.M. asks from Dallas

Where should I go to get a mid sized Xmas tree and decorations? I dont want to spend hundreds. We live near downtown but I'll pretty much go anywhere(except really fa...


My Daughter's First Christmas

N.L. asks from Chicago

This Christmas will be my daughter's first. She'll be almost 10 months old when the day arrives, and my husband and I are trying to figure out some gifts for her. ...


Four Year Old Girl Gift Ideas

L. asks from Chicago

I need some gift ideas for my four year old daughter. She already has so many Barbies, baby dolls, and dress up clothes that I am having trouble coming up with new g...


Handheld Games

T. asks from Cincinnati

Okay my daughter will be four in October and I am looking to buy her a hand held game but I want something where she can learn as well play and that has lots to buy f...


Christmas Gift Idea for 5-Yr Old Boy

Z.G. asks from Denver

Help! I cannot come up with any decent Christmas present ideas for my soon to be 5 yr old nephew. He lives in a condo with my sister (pregnant with child #2) and bo...


Question About Leapfrog or Other Learning Toys

A.D. asks from Dallas

Does anyone own any leapfrog toys for their kids, and if so, have they been at all useful? We want to get more learning toys for our daughter, but are sick of buying...


Gift Ideas

L.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My In-Laws are requesting some gift ideas for my 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 year old boys. I have no idea where to begin, especially for ...