Registry & Gift Ideas: First Response

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Gift Giving Advice

J.C. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is invited to a birthday party that she is UNABLE to attend. I feel it is appropriate to still give a gift...especially since this child came to my daugh...


Can You Get a False Positive Test?

M.B. asks from Minneapolis

I went off my birth control patch last month, just to save money, I know BAD IDEA! But we were careful this month, used condoms and I tracked the day's. Well, I hav...


Explain a Doula

C.N. asks from Chicago

I had an extremely easy pregnancy the first time around. Now as I plan for round two I am trying to understand what a Doula does. I understand that they provide sup...


Who Does or Doesn't Do "Santa"?

T. asks from Dallas

Who out there does "Santa"? My husband and I do not agree on this. He thinks we should, although keep it simple, and I do not think it is necessary. As christians,...


:New Grandparents

K.S. asks from Charlotte

What is your best advice for new grandparents?


Death of My Mom

M.S. asks from Dallas

I just lost my mom last thursday and I am needing to know what the etiquette is for sending out thank you cards and who I shoud send them out to? Here's a little...


Trouble Getting Toddler to Stay in Toddler Bed to Sleep

K.G. asks from Tucson

My two year old son has begun sleeping in a toddler bed. The first few days went fine, but now, he gets up every night and crawls in bed with us. We put him back in...


Teen Daughter Not Willing to Have Contact

J.L. asks from Corvallis

My daughter was 11 when she moved in with her dad, and over two years later she still will not talk to me and/or see me. I have sent her some emails trying to make c...


Dealing with In-law Manipulation

3.B. asks from Cleveland

Not sure where to start here.... While I do love my in-laws (MIL SIL etc) I have been having Hard time lately dealing with what I feel is manipulation from them. Ma...


Husband Doesn't Seem Happy and I Can't Help...

M.A. asks from Cincinnati

Hey Moms. I'm hoping I can get some encouragement &/or advice about my marriage. My husband a wonderful, hardworking, loyal man, but he hasn't seemed happy for a whil...