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Registry's and Such

K.S. asks from Dallas

I am thinking of using for the baby showers. I have heard mixed things about and not really sure how it works on the "buying from end". Has anyone us...


Target Won't Take Back Baby Registry Gift.

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone else had any problems with Target failing to exchange a baby registry gift because you did not have the gift receipt? I received two Close and Secure Slee...


Is It Tacky to Have a Registry for Birthdays?

A.W. asks from San Francisco

Hello mommies... I just received an invitation to celebrate a 1 y.o. b'day party. I noticed the mom included a "Target Wish List" for her daughter. It makes a lot of...


Breast Pumps & Other 'Must Have' Baby Gift Registry Items

J.J. asks from San Francisco

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant & beginning my baby registry. I have 2 questions: What breast pump would you recommend for a planning on breast feeding mother? What...


Baby Registry Is Making Me Insane Today

K.E. asks from Birmingham

Ok, maybe I'M just insane today (caught hubby muttering under his breath that hormones and OCD do NOT mix, can't say I blame him). I swear I'm normally NOT this much...


Shower/wedding Gift When the Registry Is VERY Expensive.

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

I don't know why I thought at a shower you get your friend a negligee or a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret.... Then again I guess I'm not very savvy since my hu...



S.E. asks from New York

at what point during you pregnancy did u start a registry? did u wait til the very end? or once u found out the sex of the baby?


Making My Baby Wish List... What Are Your Must-haves?

N.G. asks from Dallas

I'm 17 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first boy, my third child. My youngest daughter is 5 1/2 so it's been a while since I've done the baby thing, and I have absolutely...


Baby #2 Registry - Help!

M.L. asks from Dallas

I have been asked by several people where we are registered. I am due with our second baby a week from today and we do not know the sex. We had two baby showers wit...


Baby Shower Registry Question...

T.F. asks from New York

Hi, I registered for my baby shower and I put some necessity clothing down. Pull over undershirts, bodysuits, side-snap undershirts, kimonos/gowns, footed-sleepers,...