Refusing to Eat

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Getting 5 Month Old to Eat Baby Food

K.P. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to transition our 5 month old baby to baby food, but after a couple of attempts that went pretty well, she is not acting very intersted anymore and will...


11 Month Old Refuses to Drink Any Liquids

N.H. asks from Washington DC

For the last 1 1/2 wks my 11 month old refuses to drink more than about 5 oz of fluids a day. He refuses to drink milk and water. I've tried a bottle, sippy cup, and ...


8 Month Old Refuses BABY Food!!!!!

L.B. asks from Detroit

I have an adorable 8 month daughter at home that refuses baby food and would rather eat what we are eating. I started making my own baby food for her, and she loves i...


Getting My 1 Year Old to Eat Real Food

C.P. asks from New York

I cannot get my 1 year old to eat "people" food. He eats the pureed version of just about anything, but he spits out every solid (except yogurt, Cheerios, melon & ba...


11 Month Old Won't Eat Veggies-help!

M.E. asks from Flagstaff

My 11 month old used to eat pureed veggies fine, but he was very constipated so I switched over to mostly just eating fruit to loosen his stools (I tried juices but h...


How Do I Get My 13 Month Old Son to Eat Food?

L.O. asks from Sacramento

I am still breast feeding my son but am starting the process of weaning as I'd like him to be weaned by 18 months. While I'm having problems weaning.. that isn't my ...


How Often Should a Five Month Old Eat?

E.B. asks from Milwaukee

I have been a director of a childcare center over 7 years and I always seem to run into this problem with parents. "My child only has a bottle every three to four ho...


4 Year Old Refuses to Poop on Potty

J.Z. asks from Stationed Overseas

My daughter has had a rough road to being potty trained. She was fully potty trained at 2 years old but then my schedule was changed and at day care they said she re...


One Year Old Refuses to Drink Milk

M. asks from Phoenix

My Son who is 14 months refuses to drink milk. We have tried flavoring it with Chocolate and he hates that even more. He will drink Rice Dream but I am worried abou...


18 Month Old Will Not Let Me Sit and Eat.

F.G. asks from Dallas

Ok I have a wonderful 18 month old and she is great and a bit clingy. So at dinner time after I finally sit everyones food and anything else they may need I sit and t...