Recurring Expenses

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Joint Credit Cards or in Your Own Name?

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

How many of you have a joint credit card with your husband? Do you have any in just your name? My husband and I got into a discussion about this after my sister c...


Can I Write off Medical Expenses on My Taxes?

E.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if I incur a large amount of out of pocket expenses for medical bills - if I can write them off at the end of the year on my taxes. Thanks!


College Tuition: Whose Responsibility Is It?

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I have thoughts on pros and cons of both sides to this, but I'm very curious as to what your thoughts are. * Provided college is the right choice for your child, t...


Seeking Info/advice on Flexible Spending Acct. for Childcare Expenses

K.O. asks from Dallas

Hello, Since I just started back to work recently and we have our little one in daycare, my husband and I are contemplating enrolling in the Flexible Spending Acct...


Continuing Education, Getting Loan to Cover School + Living Expenses

Y.D. asks from Chicago

I have a question about school loans which I don't know much about. I was wondering if it's at all possible to go back to school and get a loan to pay for school plus...


Splitting up Expenses for a Court Financial Statement (Child Support Related)

J.S. asks from Boston

OK continuing on the child support tangent husband has to file a financial statement with the custody change paperwork because the custody change means tha...


Daughter's Boyfriend Offering to Pay Part of College Expenses

L.L. asks from Lincoln

My daughter just started her college education. Her boyfriend has suggested that she not apply for loans because he can help her pay for her expenses; tuition/books,...


Childcare Expenses and Taxes

N.K. asks from Chicago

When I return to work this fall (I'm a teacher) my 6 month old son will be staying in our home with a babysitter. I "assumed" that the money we will be paying the bab...


Doing My Taxes - Qualified Childcare Expenses

T.K. asks from Dallas

I am filling out my return and hit a bit of a wall. I changed child care providers this year. The in-home lady that has always kept my children was fine with me rep...


How to save Money on Weekly Expenses

C.P. asks from Chicago

I'm desperate for ideas on how to save money on groceries and other weekly expenses, like cleaning products and household supplies... We eat mostly fresh produce, fre...