Recurring Expenses: Toddler, Britax

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Replace Car Seats After Accident?

L.M. asks from Houston

We were involved in an accident yesterday. The car in front of me slammed the brakes (on the freeway) to avoid road debris, and came to a stop. Then I slammed on my b...


Anyone Have a Saturn - Love It or Hate It?

C.C. asks from Chicago

Our lease on our current car is up in February. We currently drive a Saab 9-3 Sedan. We had a great deal on it, but cannot get the same deal on a new one. We could...


Help with Infant Car Seat

N.B. asks from Detroit

I should give some background. My daughter just turned 4 in January, my son was born July 08, and my sister is due with her first child in August. My question is, h...


Advice on Handling 3 Kids - Ages 6, 1.5 and Infant

S.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am thinking about whether I should try for a third child right now, and the challenges that I would have to deal with, like: 1. Is it feasible to pay for 2 kids ...


Becoming a SAHM

J.B. asks from Washington DC

Hi All, I just resigned from my job to become a SAHM. I am EXTREMELY excited about this opportunity and feel so lucky to do so. I've wanted to do this since my son...


Need a New Stroller for Sf

C.A. asks from Fresno

Hi, My family is possibly moving to the Bay area from Fresno for graduate school. We need to progress from our first stroller to a more mobile stroller. We have on...


Issues About Crib on Vacation

M.C. asks from New York

My husband and I are going away with our 7 month old. She will be 8 months by the time we go. We are flying and staying in a hotel which only has metal cribs. I am...


Breast Pumps & Other 'Must Have' Baby Gift Registry Items

J.J. asks from San Francisco

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant & beginning my baby registry. I have 2 questions: What breast pump would you recommend for a planning on breast feeding mother? What...