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Money Problems with No Government Help

S.R. asks from Denver

I am wondering if anyone out there knows of any programs that can help single mothers financially. I am a single mother of a beautiful 7 year old and I do not receiv...


Baby Shower Ideas FAST

J.J. asks from Houston

Hi. Im giving a co-worker a baby shower (boy) in less then 2 weeks. Its taken this long because I have been trying to reserve a place to have it. NOW THAT ITS DONE>>>...


Spending Way Too Much at the Store! How Do I Cut Back?>

V.F. asks from Shreveport

I need to cut back on grocery spending. I spend about $1,000 a month for a family of four. That includes everything, food and personal care. I do use coupons and ...


How Is Everyone Coping in These Economic Times?

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms, In these hard economic times I wanted to look to other moms to see what you have done to cope. My husband's job has cut his hours this year and he did not...


Information on How to Have an Inexpensive Wedding

T. asks from Minneapolis

I'm looking to get information from anyone on how to have a nice, yet relativly inexpensive wedding for under $5,000. This is my second marriage and my future hubby's...


All Moms

A.P. asks from Atlanta

I live in stone mountain and I was wondering if anybody might know good and cheap places to grocery shop for a family of 5 with a real real tight budget


5 Year Old Needs Glasses!

S.S. asks from Houston

Hi - Ok - our 5 year old (in Pre K)- told us at Monster Jam "he needed glasses but did not want them- they are ugly"- he had some trouble coloring in lines etc.- so...


What's Everyone Doing to save Money

W.W. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering what everyone's doing to save money. Tips on going grocery shopping, what are you cutting back on. I want to see if how else I would be able to save m...


Looking for Info on Closed Circuit Camera System

T.P. asks from Chicago

I know this may be a stretch but I'm gonna ask anyway. My daughter has a severe seizure disorder. On most days she is much like an average child her age until a seizu...


Learning to Budget

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

Ok we are on a very tight budget and are looking at ways to help the grocery bill. I was thinking of stocking up on rice,pasta and beans. we buy our meat from a butch...