Recurring Expenses: Preschooler

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People Who Dress in Walmart Clothes Are Low Classe

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

This is what a snobby Mom at my son's school said to me today - I actually was dressed in JC penney today, but normally I am a top to toe walmart kind of girl, I am a...


Is Pet Insurance Worth Getting?

T.D. asks from Chicago

We are getting a puppy next Monday. We have never owned a dog before so we are unsure of the financial expectations. We are looking into pet insurance for at least th...


Need Family Insurance

S.L. asks from Phoenix

I am a first time mom of 2 month old triplets. I love my new role in life, and it is not possible for me to go back to work. I am worried, however, because my famil...


Holidays Approaching--how to Pay for Them?

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

We cut out credit card use back in March, and have been chipping away at credit card debt since then. We have two small kids who are already talking about Christmas (...


Do You Work Because You "Have" to or Because You "Want" To?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I work PT (2 days per week). Mostly because I want to. To cover my personal bills and expenses, and "extras" etc. I think if I wanted to, I could not work at all a...


Daughter Won't Eat Generic Food

C.M. asks from Chicago

I've never been one to fight a food battle. If you don't like something, I don't force you to eat it. We just find something else. My 11-year old daughter is NOT usua...


Shopping for School Clothes

M.C. asks from Detroit

What is your plan before you venture out to the mall? How many pairs of pants and shoes do you buy for your kids? Do you buy larger sizes in case of a growth spurt?...


Should I Charge for Childcare of Friend's Child?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas, I need help. I have been watching a friend's child for a long time now. I used to watch her child once a week for 9hrs a day for free. I did that for a...


3 Year Old Friends - Born on Same Day - Having Party Together - Need Advice

K.A. asks from Chicago

Hi there - Without getting into great detail, my very good girlfriend and I had the incredible experience of having our children 3 hours apart, 2 doors down (my w...


Is Organic Food a Hoax and Just a Marketing Scheme?

K.V. asks from Washington DC

I'm curious to know what people think about this whole organic food craze and if it really makes that much of a difference or any difference at all. It seems to be so...