Recurring Expenses: Preschooler

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Monthly Cost of Groceries Comparison

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find a way to cut back on expenses. One of our biggest monthly expenses is our grocery bill. We shop at Target weekly and a Sam's Club every other wee...


Speech Therapy Help for 3-Year Old

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I need your help! My 3 year-old son (turned 3 at the end of April) needs speech theraphy for his expressive language. I had him tested by our school di...


Should I Pay for the Expenses of the Parents of My Daughter's Friends?

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter wants to invite two girl friends (11 years old) to the movie theater and to eat pizza in the food court of a mall for her birthday, but she tell me that t...



A.S. asks from Davenport

What is preschool like in your area? I am not a native to the Midwest so maybe the preschools around here are normal but I find the hours and prices absurd. In my n...


Cost of Groceries per Month

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

How much do you spend on groceries each month? Please indicate the size of your family. Does the number include visits to Target for various items or JUST food? T...


How Much Do You Spend on Groceries

2.B. asks from Pocatello

I recently sat down and did a budget since I am now part-time by choice but will have to tighten up. I was shocked when I averaged how much we spend on Groceries a mo...


Staying Home W/ a Baby and a 4 Yo?

L.N. asks from Fort Myers

Does anyone have any experience with this? My husband and I have a 3 yo son and are thinking it's time to start trying for another. Of course, by the time #2 is born ...


Mom of 3 Year Old Trying for Second

R.M. asks from Oklahoma City

Just wanted a little advice from mom's with more than one child. I am really nervous about having a second child. Our lives have just calmed down and we are finally e...


Beginner Chores for a 3-Year Old - Suggestions?

Y.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms - I was just thinking last night that my 3-year old daughter is ready for some small, structured chores, so that she can start learning the rewards of wor...


Taking Almost 4 Year Old Out of Preschool

S.M. asks from New York

I have a daughter who will be four in Jan. She has been in preschool for the past couple of months. I have two other children a 2 year old and a 4 month old. My husba...