Recurring Expenses: Older Child

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Living on Credit Cards

M.L. asks from Chicago

Financially we are quite a mess, and at odds as to what to do! So please, any advice would be helpful. Our credit score is excellent, we manage to pay things on t...


College Tuition: Whose Responsibility Is It?

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I have thoughts on pros and cons of both sides to this, but I'm very curious as to what your thoughts are. * Provided college is the right choice for your child, t...


"Puppy Purchase for 9 Year Old."

T.R. asks from Dallas

Hello all.... I would like some advice on whether or not I should purchase a Puppy for my 9 Year old Daughter? She's going through a very rough period right now. ...


Cost of Groceries per Month

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

How much do you spend on groceries each month? Please indicate the size of your family. Does the number include visits to Target for various items or JUST food? T...


How Much Do You Spend on Groceries

2.B. asks from Pocatello

I recently sat down and did a budget since I am now part-time by choice but will have to tighten up. I was shocked when I averaged how much we spend on Groceries a mo...


8 Year Old Wants Me to Not Work.

D.D. asks from Phoenix

My husband recently aquired a new job that is supposed to double his income. Our 8 year old son has picked up on the change in his income. I am certian in our convers...


When Is It Time for a Cell Phone?

R.J. asks from Tampa

My son is 10.5 and has been asking for a phone for quite some time. This is a new territory for us, so we are struggling as how to handle it. Our situation is that...


Almost 9-Year Old Flying Alone!

T.A. asks from Portland

Today we received notice from my almost 9 year old Bio-MOMs new attorney (4 in 18-months) stating that we needed to address ‘spring break’ and essentially needed ...


10 Year Old Violent

A.D. asks from Orlando

Hi to all the moms out there, im in dispair so im hoping you all can help me :( first let me say that over the last 6 months things have just gotten worse and im not ...


Food Budget Monthly

C.G. asks from Washington DC

Hi Mommy's- I am trying to build a compelling case to my husband to stay home after my second child is born in December. I make very good money and it would be alot...