Recurring Expenses: Older Child, Puppets

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Almost 9-Year Old Flying Alone!

Today we received notice from my almost 9 year old Bio-MOMs new attorney (4 in 18-months) stating that we needed to address ‘spring break’ and essentially needed to put her on a plane. Our court order states that Bio-Mom has visitation coming up, which we are not contesting in any way... We have tried and tried to talk to Mom – even had her call the counselor (whom ended the conversation by saying “I’m hanging up now, please call back when you can talk to me without yelling”) its Bio-MOM way or NO WAY. So my husband and I have...


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Birthday Party at Home for 9 Year Old?

I have never hosted a "kid" party. I am considering hosting a (BBQ or pizza) party at my home but am not sure about entertainment, games and I am nervous about having so many children in my back yard.(about 25 - 30) Should I hire entertainment? What kind of games are best? Should we open gifts at the party? Perhaps I should just go with the Chuckie Cheese or Boomers party, the kids seem to love that. Any advice?? Thank you