Recurring Expenses: Infant, Britax

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Help with Infant Car Seat

I should give some background. My daughter just turned 4 in January, my son was born July 08, and my sister is due with her first child in August. My question is, how long do infant car seats last? I purchased a graco travel system when my daughter was born, and I reused the infant car seat for my son (he just got tall enough to grow out of it, so he is now in a convertible car seat). I was hoping to make good use out of the travel system and give it to my sister (saves on expenses). I don't want to give her something that is unsafe,...


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Which Britax Carseat?

We need to buy a new carseat for my daughter (soon to be 1 y/o and 20+ lbs.). She is in an infant carseat now but is over the height limits (29"). We are looking at the Britax Marathon but I hate how bulky it looks. I would like to keep her rear-facing as long as possible. I was also considering the Britax Boulevard or Dilpomat. Anyone have experience with those models? Or advice on carseats in general? Thanks!