Recurring Expenses: Child, Puppets

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5 Year Old Needs Glasses!

Hi - Ok - our 5 year old (in Pre K)- told us at Monster Jam "he needed glasses but did not want them- they are ugly"- he had some trouble coloring in lines etc.- so I took him to Optometrist last week- and he has Amblyopia in left eye (vision 20/25 right eye- 35/70 left). He is getting a strong eyeglass prescription. Is anyone familiar with this? And anyone have advice how to get him to LIKE glasses? He is so resistant to the idea of the everyday glasses- even the cool glasses he will get for sports. We try to tell him they are COOL- but...


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How Much $ to Spend on a Classmates Birthday Party Gift?

My daughter is in kindergarten and has been invited to 3 parties in one month. It's very nice and my daughter is super excited but it's starting to break the bank. And I don't know these girls real well because they're from her classroom so we keep running into how much do we spend and what do we buy? These parties my daughter's been invited too have been pretty spendy it's costing the host $9-$15 dollars per kid. So my question is what's a fair good amount to spend and what are some creative or good ideas on gifts. I'm not really into...